How to Plan a Perfect Teenage Birthday Party

Planning a teenage birthday party can be a nightmare. They don't want entertainers in funky costumes, magic shows, and pony rides any longer. Now, they are almost adults and want to be treated accordingly. Yet we have a few perfect ideas to save the day and help you throw them that party.

Sports Party

Whether it is a bowling, karting, paintball, mini-golf, or laser tag that your teen fancies, these all are perfect activities for the birthday party. Book a full slot at the venue of your choice so your party enjoys their game in privacy, then proceed to the function room for food and a cake moment. Let them blast their own music there or get a DJ to play a set for them to finish the day on a high note.
At our recent bowling party, we've hired a private den for our guests to enjoy two bowling lanes with unlimited games, a karaoke machine, a private bar and a lounge area, all fully separate from the rest of the crowd.

We brought in our best DJ to set the mood and got our great party host to get everyone dancing. A lovely photozone with a personalised neon sign and a photo booth were great final touches to make this party memorable and cool.

Cinema Party

Watching the latest big hit or your child's all-time favourite show in the intimate private cinema room is a great idea. Hire it with a lounge space to host your party meal there, and opt-in for an elevated fast-food menu with burgers, tacos, and milkshakes.

To make it even more special, arrange a dress-up corner, or style the whole event as Oscar's night. Gather the party at your house to arrive at the cinema in a limousine; proceed to watch the movie and host your personalized mini-award ceremony. Then, let the party enjoy non-alcohol bubbly or mocktails to celebrate their victory, and capture all the happy winners in a bespoke photozone.

Disco Party

If your teenager loves dancing and clubbing, throw them a disco-themed party. Go retro if they are into it or make it look trendy with a neon setup.

For decorations, think: a personalized photozone, a massive dance floor, LED lounge furniture and DJ booth to set the mood. For entertainment, go for a DJ; invite a party host who can get the crowd dancing or book professional street dancers for a workshop; invite a live band to play a set, and finish off with a paper disco.

Extra points if you can secure the perfect venue for that celebration: we've hosted a bunch of disco parties, including that Neon 18th birthday party and that retro-Disco extravaganza, but the one that stands out is the birthday party celebration at Raffles Chelsea.

A legendary nightclub has been the go-to party scene for the royals and A-list celebrities back in the 1970s and 80s. Now, it is one of the most exclusive and intimate nightclubs in London. Having a 13th birthday party celebration there was a dream for young Nick and his friends.

Karaoke Party

Let them sing along to their favorite tunes in a party room in a karaoke bar with a professional sound system and the best music library. Add some personalized décor and order a bespoke cake to make this party stand out.

For an extra special experience, why not take them to a professional song recording studio instead? At our karaoke parties, the guests get a chance to record a couple of songs of their choice and get the track mixed and edited by a professional music producer. While he does his magic, we take the guests to a party room for a quick bite and a cake moment. A photographer is there to capture all the important moments and the party host won't let anybody get bored.

Beauty Party

Which girl does not love a pampering party? A popular theme for the girls-only teenage celebration, a beauty party can be set at your home or in the salon. Either way, a few masters take care of pampering the guests and offering them all kinds of beauty services from manicures and hairstyling to skincare routines and makeovers. Throw in a dessert bar with pampering-themed cakes and biscuits; and a dress-up corner. For a cute gift for all guests, order personalized matching bathrobes or pyjamas.

Once all the guests are pampered, proceed to party elsewhere or arrange a photo session with a professional photographer. Check out our recent Fashion party here for more inspiration. Staying in? Also great, make this pampering party a sleepover. Popcorn and movies; board games and scary stories will make it a night to remember.
If you need help with your upcoming teenage birthday party, give us a call and we'll plan something perfect for them. Let them feel like a star on their special day!