Planning a perfect sleepover party

Once your child or teenager is no longer into partying with entertainers and their whole class, a sleepover can be a great alternative. It's a perfect way to celebrate at home with their best friends. Let's talk about all these little things that will make your sleepover the one to remember.

Sleeping Arrangements

As with any other party, theming and decorations are an integral part of the experience. Start with the sleeping arrangements. We would usually provide the tipis with full bedding, extra cushions for comfort, small tray-tables and fairy lights to keep it cosy.

These can be generic: with simple lanterns, bunting and textures of the same colour used to create a look, or themed. Little ones love jungle, football or space theme. Older children appreciate the theming around their favourite shows or characters, e.g. Harry Potter, Minecraft, and more. Seasonal settings are also possible: we created a few Halloween and Christmas sleepovers in the past!


Once the sleeping area is ready, it's time for little extras. Are there any activities or meals planned during the sleepover? Arranging a separate sitting area for the guests can be a great idea. We would always recommend going for a low table with plenty of rugs and cushions for the cosy seating area. Add some flowy table runners and simple centrepieces, and it finishes the scene.

Another great addition to a sleepover party is a snack corner or a sweet table. Arranged in the seating area or next to it, it will keep them full of energy throughout the evening. We recommend having a mix of sweet and savoury bits: popcorn, gummies, cupcakes and cake pops, cookies, crackers, and lollies. That mix will last all night and would be a perfect addition to the main meal and birthday cake.

To decorate the room further, use some balloon magic. We love massive balloon garlands on top of the tipis to create this extra-special party feel. Another nice touch is adding some personalized balloons and bunches. Personalization can include your child's name or funky little messages that only they and their friends will get. As with everything else, the balloons should match the colour palette and theme of the sleepover to tie it all together.

Want to go big? Create a photo corner for them to have fun with. Think shimmer wall, LED numbers or letters, neon signs, balloon installation or fringe. All these will create a backdrop for Insta-perfect pictures.


Now, when the setting is ready, let's talk about the entertainment. For little ones, having a professional entertainer is a great idea. They can host themed games and interactive storytelling activities before bed. For older children and teenagers, it's good to give them more privacy and freedom. Still, they would love these activities:
Beauty party
A perfect option for girls! Think foot bathes, mani and pedi, face masks, and all other pampering activities. We can have a professional nail master coming over to help girls get their nails done, and arrange a glitter bar or braider to get the party looks on.

Cinema night
Set the big screen, prepare a cosy seating area with plenty of bean bags, cushions and blankets, and get loads of popcorn ready for the cinema night. They can watch their favourite movie or have a binge-watching marathon of a new show premiere. Pair it with a themed quiz to keep them buzzing!

Karaoke challenge
If your child is into singing, turning your house into a karaoke parlour is another great way to celebrate. We can arrange the hire of professional equipment. It includes a sound system with plenty of mics for all the guests to join and disco lights to set the mood. A party host will help children with song selection and challenge them to karaoke battles.

Afraid they may be too shy for karaoke? Get a professional singer to join the party. He will get them started with singalongs and get them pumped up.

Cooking class
Who said the sleepover is about takeaways or mom spending the day in the kitchen? You can always have your guests join in on preparing their dinner and make it fun. We can invite an Italian chef to make pizzas, arrange a sushi-making workshop, or work with a baker to create a unique birthday cake on spot.

Want to get the teens excited? Try having a professional bartender teach them to make exciting mocktails and show a trick or two with bottle juggling.

Art sessions
Collage making or pottery, terrarium creation, candle making or t-shirts tie-dye - all these are great workshop ideas for a sleepover night. We have a bunch of professional artists and makers who can join in for a couple of hours to help children create their very own masterpieces. It can be a great ice-breaker or a perfect party finale the morning after the sleepover.


Don't forget to add some cool swag for the guests! Think personalized pyjamas or matching sleeping masks. It can be cool to add some other essentials too: water bottles, sleepers, hairbrushes, pocket mirrors, bath robes and so much more. Get the crew to wear matching accessories for picture-perfect moments and a cool way to bond.
Dreaming of hosting a sleepover party? We are here to help! Give us a call or drop us a line to get your booking in the diary and we will help you create an outstanding sleepover experience!