Groovy roller disco

Location: Private house
The ultimate groovy disco? It's a roller disco, of course! The client asked us to bring the 1980s summer party vibes to their back garden for their daughter's birthday, and we achieved that by throwing the ultimate roller disco party for Emma's 7th birthday.


There is no roller disco without a roller rink, so the first task for us was to create a roller skating arena for children and adults. We've partnered with professionals in the rink building and got a custom yellow, pink and white roller rink installed on the lawn. We arranged a tent for the cover, too: rain or shine, we wanted our roller dancers to be safe and comfortable on the wheels.
To set the mood, we decorated the tent with suspended funky balloons, including giants, orbz and starbursts. We brought the DJ to play the 1980s groovy hits and set him up with some disco lights so the guests would feel like on a real disco.

On arrival, the children got into our dress-up and changing area. They could not only grab the roller skates in our rental kiosk but also pump up their looks with bright accessories, like glasses, headbands, tutu skirts and neon mesh gloves.

When on the roller rink, children followed the lead of our professional roller dancers. The guys ensured that everyone was feeling confident on the wheels and showed them some easy-to-follow dance moves. We are sure they keep showing off their cool moves to their friends when rollerskating.

Next in the programme, we had a food break. While the family chef provided lunch, we took care of funky snacks and sweets. Fresh popcorn, rolled ice cream and bespoke desserts were all there to satisfy any cravings. The final moment of the party? A cake moment with a massive two-tier groovy cake. Emma blew the candles in front of the funky backdrops, while the photographer and videographer has the moment captured.

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