Enola Holmes Detective Party

Location: The Soho Hotel
When we learnt that 12-year-old Sonya is a big fan of murder mysteries and Enola Holmes movies, we knew what her perfect birthday party should be.


For a very British party theme, we went with a very British meal too: the girls were invited to join Sonya for the afternoon tea with a twist. Instead of simply enjoying their sandwiches and cakes, they were all greeted by Sherlock and Enola Holmes.

The actors handed out the character cards to every guest, and girls had a few minutes to learn more about the roles they will need to play. Once everyone had tea in their cups and their new character on, the actors introduced the case and began the questioning of all the guests, playing the roles of witnesses or suspects. Over the next hour, more clues were revealed and the list of key suspects was formed. When time came for voting, the girls brilliantly cracked the case, identifying not only the murderer, but also their means and motives.

Once the murder mystery was over, the party fun continued with a dance workshop and disco with a professional dance host. He showed the girls some moves and got them moving. The cake moment was the final part of the day, and everyone left eager to do another murder mystery again.

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