Location: The Carlton Tower Jumeirah Hotel
You don't need to ask us twice to build a jungle in the city hotel and bring dinosaurs to life to celebrate a birthday of a very special boy. That's exactly what we did for Mark's 5th birthday party, and boy, he and his friends loved it.


To immerse our guests into the Jurassic world, we brought in selection of palm trees and dinosaur artefacts, including giant bones, T-rex egg next and event life-size replicas of triceratops and velociraptor. They posed for photos in front of the tropical foliage wall with Mark's very own Jurassic Park style sign, finished with box hedge cubes and colourful balloons. That's the jungle setup worthy of any T-Rex!

Little guests were welcomed to the party by our entertainers-safari explorers, who invited children join them on an adventure and had them go via obstacles and challenges to get to the secret point on the map. There, they found the real dinosaurs: from little babies to 4 meter long T-Rex, they all made an appearance at the party, playing with kids, dancing for them and posing for pictures.

After lunch, our little explorers had the science show to attend to learn more water, wind energy, and even sweets sorbet! That activity was followed by an archeological expedition: back at the table, each child had a digging kit to discover the bones of the dinosaur and build their very own model to take home.

To finish this eventful day, we had a paper disco, where parents all joined in and everyone had a blast!

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