Why do we love The Great Gatsby?

Lots of reasons:

  • A Gatsby party works perfect for any event: anniversary, birthday or wedding
  • Everyone loves the chic, glamorous 1920s vibe - and it's a perfect one to remix with more modern elements
  • The '20s combine two great features: classic cocktails and a non-stop party feeling.

So at Chaika Events, our party planner team are always thrilled to be invited to get involved in a Gatsby style occasion. We go all out to cram the party with exciting details, live entertainment, delicious surprises and a mix of music from various eras.

Here are some tips from our event planner on putting together a Gatsby event that will be unforgettable.

Design a 1920s invitation that has no end time, so your guests know that this non-stop party is really going to push the boat out! '20s style entertainment is a must. We love Charleston dancers, those magnificent flappers who created an exciting new lifestyle that epitomised the 'Roaring Twenties'. Jazz and Swing were the hot music and you'll want a live band that can play both, along with some electro instruments to give a contemporary flavour. Performance was at the heart of the Jazz Age so look out for burlesque acts, cabaret performers, arial hoop acts and vintage circus turns to provide the kind of entertainment that will wow your guests. And let's never forget that party decorations always set the tone of the evening so you want to include lots of white and gold, feathers, fans and pearls to create a feeling of decadent delight.

Above all, the '20s were a period of true hedonism, nowhere more truly than in their use of alcohol - there's no end to what you can serve your guests, cocktails from the classic Highball to the French 75, the Tuxedo, the Southside and the famous Prohibition Era, Mary Pickford. And for the perfect finishing touch - remember that during prohibition, people served their cocktails in milk bottles in case they were raided by the law!