The secrets of a cool teen party

The key to success is simple but not easy – we call it 3M rule.

It's the time of year when many schoolchildren and students say good bye to their schools and move to a new life … and bright horizons! And it's the time of year when Chaika Events receives many enquiries about how to run a cool teen party for teenagers.

We've got the answer. The key to success is simple but not easy – we call it 3M rule.

The 3M rule for teen party success:

Music, movements and mocktails. These are the 3Ms that make any teenage event a sensation – but finding the three perfect Ms takes mad skills.

  • Music – We know that a GOAT DJ is 50% of party success. The right DJ will pick a playlist that makes the audience happy – get this wrong and you could find the teens are less than ecstatic about Justin Bieber's vibes!
  • Move, move move – pose with your friends, put some funky staff on and download digital gifs to Instagram and email them immediately to your friends (and maybe, those not so cool parents!) A GIF photobooth is the hottest trend of the season – a complete change from the retro traditional 'retro' photo-booths which are sometimes too heavy to be easily transported to the 'perfect' party venue.
  • Mocktails – zero alcohol Aperols, Electric lemonades, Virgin Pina Coladas and Champage – they look as cool and taste as great but with no alcohol.

What else makes a teenage party an event to remember? Guest stars: from break dancers to rappers, from hip-hop to hoop spinners, picking the right guest turns moves a party into the wow zone. We were lucky to book Rap mega stars Krept and Konan for our latest party and they definitely made a splash!