Game on! Party tips for older kids

By the age of 9 (or sometimes earlier) lots of kids have already experienced loads of parties, supporting most Disney cartoons productions, they dressed up as princesses, pirates and knights, they have been learning how to cook, make t-shirts, cards, swords, bracelets, some of them danced at neon discos and finished at least 2-3 Jedi Academies at their Star Wars parties.

As they grow older more "cool" parties should come on board with lots of outdoor fun and more "serious" stuff. Look at our top 5 favourites:

  • Nerf Wars! Both indoors and outdoors; inflatable tanks and other objects are a must! Make sure the kids wear their protection glasses. Add archery as a "calmer activity"
  • Gaming bus. With parental control over kids "gadget time" this party bus packed with most recent games will unite all gamers over one roof! The kids could be transported directly to the nearest trampoline park afterwards to release all accumulated energy
  • Outdoor bootcamp or 5-a-side football will welcome most of the public parks. If you have access to a big garden or organise a party in a venue with outdoor space - add outdoor inflatable laser tag ( yes, you do not have to go to remote laser tag centres anymore) or a referee/football freestyler, who could demonstrate incredible football show during the breaks.