One is cool!

When you are one year old, you are totally reliant on your parent's taste. That means that when parents are also new, it can be a completely new experience for everybody – which is why so many parents want to create amazing occasions for their baby and themselves. Creating colourful, happy memories to keep forever is something that we all want to do for our children, which is why a first birthday party tends to be such a big deal.

At Chaika Events we absolutely love these first birthday parties – we are constantly on the watch for new entertainment trends and decorating themes that will make a kid's party into a memorable event. We know that parents want to have fun too, which is why we ensure our parties are topical and fun for everybody.

From years of experience as children's party event planners we have learned several key factors that make a children's party successful – the first is that one year olds are absolutely fascinated by music which is why we always offer some live music performances and interactive sessions for the little ones.

Something else we know is that a healthy snack gives children an energy boost which means that a wise party planner will always ensure that there is an "active corner" where soft play including mini slides, cars, ball pools, bricks and blocks, rope mini slides and rockers will delight the birthday guests. We also create a theme for this area of the party, which might be "Jungle" or "Under the Sea" or "Day at the Farm" as a children's party planner, we work with whatever theme the birthday baby likes best, to create a rich environment full of sights sounds and sensations that give them pleasure. One year olds are also very excited by visually colourful objects which is why we incorporate mascots and giant bubbles in our party planning and use colourful ballots and big toys to make sure that we get great photographs that are lasting mementos of this special day.

Many people say that a first birthday party is not for children, but for their parents – at Chaika we believe that it should definitely be for both! As an example, our party food for a first birthday is always carefully selected to balance the needs of children and adults, and to fit perfectly with the birthday theme and colours, so that there's something for everyone, from the littlest baby to the most sophisticated adult.

We recently created a party to celebrate Liliana's first birthday. As the photos show, it was a beautiful event that created many happy memories for the little one and her family.