Halloween PARTY TRENDS: From dark and moody to ironic and funky

Halloween is a time for embracing the eerie, the whimsical, and the macabre. Whether you're hosting a haunted house party, a corporate Halloween event, or simply transforming your home into a spooky haven, this 8 ideas will keep you on trend. Prepare to unleash the ghostly charm and create a memorable and Instagram-worthy Halloween experience.

Enchanted Coven

If you love the theme that combines gothic allure, dark woodland mysticism and the spirit of witchcraft, enchanted coven is your Halloween pick. Dress the space with flickering candles, antique mirrors, and enigmatic symbols, like spell books, potion bottles, sacred knives and cursed jewels to capture the essence of a hidden coven, steeped in ancient secrets.

Step into the tarot reading parlour or fortune teller's alcove to learn what the future holds for you. When ready for a dinner, head into the dining room, decorated with dark branches with black crows, massive candelabras with dim candles, and mysterious symbols and charts on the stationary. Design the menu around the witchcraft too, with bespoke cocktails served with dry ice and smoke bubbles, canapés presented on wooden logs and antique trays, and the main being a full roasted lamb or pork. For a dessert, tempt your guests with the mousses disguised as poisoned apples, and macarons shaped like old witches' fingers.

Opt for a live music by an enchanted strings quartet during the dinner, later replaced by DJ playing the wicked tunes. As shadows get darker and secrets linger, join a circle of bewitched dancers, who perform their mythic rituals on the dance floor.

To get in the mood watch: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, The Brothers Grimm, The Birds.


Step into a realm of bone-chilling delight with the Skeletons-themed Halloween party. Transform your space into an eerie sanctuary with life-sized skeletons, dim lighting, and haunting decorations. Set up a terrifying throne crafted from skulls and bones straight from the Hell in the photozone. Use bones and skulls to dress the table, and opt in for monochrome candles and tableware to finish the look. Get playful with the full-sized skeletons, placing them around the house and garden to immitate different activities, like having a tea, riding a bike, or killing it on the dance floor. To finish the scene, consider adding the skeletons of cats, dogs and mice too.

For entertainment, welcome guests to the party with giant skeletons - stilt walkers. They will glide through the crowd in haunting costumes, adding an otherworldly charm to the atmosphere. Dance the night away to ghastly tunes and witness a captivating performance by a professional dancer who expertly emulates the movements of a skeleton.

To get in the mood watch: Beetlejuice, Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.


We are not sure why ready for harvest fields can be so creepy, but plenty of horror movies turn to them, and so can you. Picture an enchanting blend of countryside nostalgia and cinematic suspense, where hay bales, dried corn stalks, and grinning pumpkins transport you to a chilling yet captivating world.

For table decor, immerse yourself in the cozy warmth of dried flower arrangements, evoking the spirit of autumn's embrace. Amidst the rustic charm, the dance floor comes alive with a whimsical twist: red, gold and brown paper fringe swaying under the ceiling. To finish the look, use a low fog machine to get this lingering smoke blanket the room.

Entertainment takes a spine-tingling turn as walk-about scarecrows roam the venue, immersing you in the very essence of harvest folklore. Beyond the scarecrows, brace yourself for an immersive and unexpected experience: a live interactive storytelling session, where a talented narrator weaves tales of harvest and haunting. Feel the shivers as you gather around, transported to a realm where the line between reality and myth blurs. Alternatively, set up the pumpkin carving station for guests to have a go at dressing up the space for the party, too. Once all done, have a pumpkin lighting ceremony, with the spookiest creation being crowned as the winner.

To get in the mood watch: Children of The Corn, Jeepers Creepers, Doctor Who: The Family of Blood.


For those tired of traditional Halloween gloom and scare, we propose to plan a vibrant fiesta to celebrate Dia de los Muertos. Traditional Mexican Day of the Dead honours ancestral traditions and became a popular theme in the Western world recently.

Deck out your space with traditional decor like colorful paper picado banners and intricately painted sugar skulls. Set up an ofrenda - a beautiful altar, traditionally adorned with marigold flowers, candles, and favorite foods of departed loved ones, to pay homage and create a heartfelt focal point. Feast on a delectable spread of Mexican cuisine, featuring iconic dishes like tamales, pan de muerto (sweet bread), and vibrant skull cookies. Of course, don't keep your guests thirsty and go for a Margarita bar.

Keep the party lively with mariachi music and folkloric dances that capture the festive essence of Dia de los Muertos. For a touch of hands-on fun, offer face painting stations where guests can adorn themselves with intricate calavera (skull) designs, fully embracing the spirit of the celebration.

To get in the mood watch: Coco, Spectre.


Get ready to cast a spell of neon enchantment at the Toxic Witch Halloween bash, where the eerie meets the fabulous in a kaleidoscope of colours. Transform your space into a neon wonderland with vibrant balloons, mirror balls, and funky props that defy the ordinary. Embrace the ironic twist with glamorous costumes that blend witchy elegance and daring flair, giving a nod to classic enchantresses while adding a splash of modern chic.

Sip on wickedly delightful potions at our themed cocktail bar, where cheeky concoctions bear names that'll leave you chuckling. Unleash your inner diva with a drag queens' show that dazzles and amuses, or indulge in the tantalising world of burlesque as performers take the stage with alluring charm. Take the spotlight during karaoke sessions, where you can belt out tunes with friends while reveling in the playful spirit of the night.

Our Toxic Witch Halloween party promises a spellbinding fusion of vibrant decor, glamorous revelry, and outlandishly entertaining performances. It's a night where the bewitching and the bold collide, inviting you to embrace the extraordinary, laugh in the face of convention, and celebrate anything but ordinary.

To get in the mood watch: Bodies Bodies Bodies, The Neon Demon, Scream Queens.


Immerse yourself in a haunting world of an abandoned psychiatric asylum as we transform the venue into a twisted hospital. From the blood transfusion station offering Bloody Mary cocktails, served by bartenders dressed as macabre nurses, to the wheelchair sitting area and surgical corner, complete with unsettling medical equipment and pills, every area exudes the unsettling aura of a forgotten institution.

For entertainment, brace yourself for the arrival of Joker and Harley Quinn lookalikes, encapsulating the enigmatic essence of their characters. Engage in an outrageously fun bingo session hosted by a charismatic drag queen, infusing the game with a dose of eccentricity. As the night progresses, dance to the wild beats of a DJ set that echoes the asylum's eerie history, inviting you to unleash your inner party fiend in a hauntingly electrifying atmosphere.

Embrace the darkness, tread the fine line between reality and fantasy, and prepare for an evening where the boundaries of the mind are pushed to their limits.

To get in the mood watch: Ratched, The Jocker, American Horror Story: Asylum.


Embark on an intergalactic adventure at the Alien Invasion themed Halloween party. As you enter, prepare to be awestruck by giant alien figures with monstrous tentacles, setting the tone for a night of extraterrestrial enchantment. Luminous details and light-in-the-dark paint create an ethereal atmosphere, transporting you to an alien realm that blurs the line between reality and the unknown.

Dive into a universe of cosmic delights as you step into our spaceship-like dining room. Neon and strobing lights cast an otherworldly glow, capturing humanity's desperate attempt to escape the grasp of extraterrestrial horrors. Sip on luminous cocktails that fizz and shimmer, immersing yourself in an array of flavours that could only come from beyond the stars.

Entertainment takes you to the edge of reality with a neon makeup corner, where expert artists transform you into alien beings from distant galaxies. Step into a 360° photobooth that captures every angle of your cosmic alter ego, or challenge your skills on a Space Invaders arcade game machine that invokes nostalgia and excitement. For the ultimate plunge into the unknown, venture into our VR zone and experience a virtual world where you navigate through alien landscapes and encounter enigmatic beings from distant planets.

To get in the mood watch: War of The Worlds, Prometheus, The Cloverfield Paradox.


Step right up to the most spine-chilling event of the year: our Creepy Circus Halloween spectacle! Under the big top, prepare to be both captivated and unnerved by our dark circus acts. Watch in awe as fire dancers manipulate flames, zombie contortionists bend their bodies in eerie ways, and creepy clowns unleash a nightmarish laughter that echoes through the air. Encounters with a snake charmer and macabre magicians blur the line between illusion and reality, leaving you questioning what's truly before your eyes.

Beyond the tent, immerse yourself in a maze of horrors that challenges your courage and tempts your curiosity. Immerse yourself in a night of twisted horror-fueled funfair, where the games take on a sinister edge. Try your luck with "Hook the Skull," where guests aim to snare skulls floating in a pool of fog. For the daring, spine-tingling rides await, including the giant haunted house attraction where small wagons journey through a labyrinth of terror, with screamers lurking in the shadows to send shivers down your spine.

To get in the mood watch: American Horror Story: Freak Show, IT, Zombieland.
With these Halloween decor ideas and trends, you have the inspiration to transform any space into a captivating and spine-chilling Halloween haven. From haunted harvests to enchanting witch's lairs, gothic glamour to vintage charm, there are endless possibilities to create a memorable Halloween experience. Embrace the spirit of the season, incorporate these trends, and let your imagination run wild.
No matter what Halloween theme appeals to you, we are happy to assist with decorating, entertaining, catering and anything in between to make your Halloween extra special!

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