Few party venues are more iconic than the Ritz Hotel, and our party planning team polish every detail of each child's party to ensure that the whole event sparkles with style!

Nothing says 'special event' more than a limo – so we make sure that the party guests arrive in style.Then the Chaika Events team make sure that every partygoer gets to enjoy stunning interiors of the iconic Ritz Hotel, London. There's history in every corridor and sophistication on every staircase, so we help our clients 'get their style on' by providing every opportunity for them to shine.

The Ritz is all about comfort, so every party guest is given a chance to experience the ultimate pleasure of being pampered.

In perfect surroundings, with specialist event managers to ensure everything goes smoothly, creativity can flow easily as partygoers explore their own artistic skills.

The highlight of every birthday party is the birthday cake, and our party catering team ensure that this final celebratory detail is the crowning glory of a really Ritzy day!